Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully, the following will be able to answer any queries you may have, but if you require help with information that isn't covered here, please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll be happy to help. 

Same day / Next day delivery - I'm afraid we don't offer this delivery option, but for good reason - In the same way bread or coffee tastes best when freshly baked or brewed, we believe freshly made chocolate tastes much better than chocolate that's been sat on a shelf for 12 months. So to ensure your chocolate treats reach you in the most 'flavourful' condition, all orders are freshly made to order (*this is our processing time of 2-3 working days) meaning your order will take a little longer to reach you, but hopefully you'll agree that all good things are worth waiting for.  

Processing time - As mentioned above, items are freshly made to order (with the exception of Easter and Christmas where products are made in small batches), so our regular processing time is 2 working days - this can increase during busy periods e.g. Christmas. However we're always happy to help with a request for a speedier dispatch where possible, so should you need something urgently, please let us know and we'll do our best to help.

How should I store my chocolate?

All chocolate should be stored somewhere cool and dry (ideally between 13 and 18 degrees centigrade). During warmer weather, if you need to store in the fridge, try and ensure your chocolate packing is well sealed (and waterproof) otherwise dampness or condensation will cause chocolate to bloom (the sugar in the surface of the chocolate crystallizes and causes a ‘blooming’ effect). This doesn't affect the taste but can affect appearance.

What is the 'Best Before' date on your chocolate?

Non-flavoured products have a BBE date of at least 6 months. Products containing natural plant and fruit oils (orange, lemon, mint) usually have a 'Best Before' date of 5/6 months - products are still delicious long after this time, however we specify shorter dates simply because we want you to enjoy the natural flavours at their most potent and flavourful.

Just like freshly brewed coffee or baked bread, freshly made chocolate tastes better than that sat on a shelf for months, which is why we make regular small batches and specify shorter BBE dates. Robins and Sons chocolate is always freshly made, and if stored in optimum conditions will remain delicious and perfectly edible for a lot longer.

Order now, dispatch later?

Get organised ahead of time (e.g. Christmas) - buy today, but have your order dispatched next month, 6 weeks, 6 months time. Orders are freshly made prior to DISPATCH, so rest assured no matter how far in advance you purchase, delicious and freshly made chocolate will always be received. Add a note to your order letting us know when you'd like your order dispatched and we'll be happy to oblige. There is NO CHARGE for this option.

PLEASE NOTE We guarantee to DISPATCH on the day requested, but Royal Mail First and Second Class delivery services are 'Delivery Aims' not 'guaranteed' schedules. If you require an order to ARRIVE on a specific day, please let us know and we'll be happy to arrange a quote using a '*Guaranteed Delivery' service *certain factors may prevent the availability of 'guaranteed delivery services' e.g. inclement weather, strike action etc. 

Are your items suitable for vegetarians / vegans?

Vegetarian - All ingredients that may potentially be subject to exclusion from a vegetarian diet are listed on each product page, however, our information is based on the assumption that vegetarians consume dairy. We understand this can vary from individual to individual, so if buying for a 3rd party, we recommend checking with the potential recipient in advance.

Vegan - Several of our dark chocolate products do not contain dairy (unless otherwise stated) and are therefore suitable, however vegan friendly and non-vegan friendly products are manufactured and stored on the same premises, and we appreciate the acceptance of this factor varies between individuals, so once again, if buying for a third party, we recommend checking with the recipient.

Can I purchase your items in store?

At present, we are mainly an online business, however we are branching out and will shortly be able to provide information on a number of outlets where Robins & Sons products may be purchased.

Do you offer wholesale discount?

Yes we do, subject to a minimum order value. Please feel free to email sales@RobinsandSons.co.uk for full details. *Not combinable with any seasonal promotions e.g. 3 for 2. Terms and Conditions apply, please email Sales@RobinsandSons.co.uk for a copy of our wholesale catalogue.

Are you able to personalise items (write names, ages on chocolate items)?

Unfortunately not, but we're more than happy to include a personalised message on a Robins and Sons gift card, free of charge.

Sending a gift - special instructions e.g. no invoice required, gift message

If you require a message to be sent on a gift card (or compliment slip for business purposes) in lieu of an invoice, let us know BEFORE DISPATCH, by adding a message in the 'Notes to Seller' box which can be found by clicking on the 'Special Instructions / View Cart' option on the checkout page. Failing that, feel free to email Sales@RobinsandSons.co.uk' with your order number / name and request, or give us a ring on 01792 202696.

Can I return my items if I change my mind?

We fully comply with the Consumer Protection Distance Selling Regulations (2000), in which consumers are entitled to a 'right to cancel', but perishable items, including chocolate, are exempt. However, we want you to be happy with your purchase, so if you are in any way dissatisfied, please get in touch and we'll do our best to ensure that the problem is resolved to your satisfaction.

My discount code is not working.

Should you have any problems using a current / non-expired discount code, feel free to go ahead and complete your purchase, add a note to your order, drop us a quick email, or give us a ring on 01792 202696, and we'll amend your order to honour the promotion (e.g. % discount, free gift). Certain discount codes CANNOT be used in conjunction with existing promotions e.g. 3 for 2 - please contact us at sales@RobinsandSons.co.uk if in doubt.

What if my order arrives damaged?

All of our products are carefully packed to withstand their journey (bubble wrap, sturdy cardboard boxes and high visibility care labels) so we're confident they will arrive in perfect condition. However, in the event your order does arrive damaged, please don’t worry, contact us straight away and we'll put it right.

What if my item does not arrive / lost in post?

Proof of postage is retained for all items, therefore in the event of a lost parcel, we will always help with any replacements or reimbursement claims with Royal Mail / courier delivery services on your behalf.

Allergy Information

Although not all of our products actually contain milk, nuts, soya, wheat, eggs or cereals containing gluten, all ingredients and stock are stored in the same area. Online product descriptions and ingredients labels on the back of each item provide full details of inclusions, however if you have any concerns or would like further specifics e.g. does the chocolate in question actually contain soya or has it just been stored in an area with products that contain soya, then please get in touch BEFORE consuming the product. We're always happy to help with any query you have.

Ethical and Environmental policy

FAIRTRADE CERTIFICATION; All of our chocolate is 'Fairtrade' certified - The Fairtrade Cocoa Program enables small scale farmers to benefit by selling more of their cocoa as Fairtrade. Visit www.info@fairtrade.net. It is also Cocoa Horizons certified - a sustainable cocoa program. 

SUSTAINABILITY: Wooden packaging e.g. Hot Chocolate sticks is sourced from sustainable forests - imported from Chinese Government controlled forests where a new tree is planted for every tree that is cut down.

RE-USE, RECYCLE AND REDUCE: Our eventual aim is to have all packaging materials either recyclable, reusable or compostable and at present:

RE-USE - Our jute gift bags, wicker hamper baskets and gift boxes are reusable, as is any included glassware e.g. mugs, mini jars. Box bases for our gift boxed bars are fully recyclable.

RECYCLE: Our cardboard postal box are recyclable, and we use 'EcoFlo' compostible and biodegradable packing peanuts / loose fill to cushion and protect items during transit. 

Biodegradable / compostable bags - at present, many of these are currently unsuitable for foodstuffs, because the quantities that make them recyclable (the allowing air and moisture to pass through up to 4 times faster than other plastics) is also what causes faster spoilage. Therefore in the meantime, as we're unable to adopt a  'NO' packaging stance for food safety and hygiene purposes, we've tried to implement MINIMAL PACKAGING where possible.

REDUCE - MINIMAL PACKAGING - Our Easter bars / Christmas Trees / Artisan bars are minimally packed, just a single plastic bag, as opposed to many 'High Street' chocolate gifts e.g. Easter Eggs which contain plastic inserts, boxes and cardboard packaging, all of which needs to be disposed of afterward. Although these materials are recyclable, the carbon footprint arising from the collection / transport of bulky materials and emissions from recycling plants, means benefits aren't always clear cut, so in the meantime, we've tried to take the 'lesser of evils' approach and stick simply with LESS is MORE. 



Lumps, bumps, and bubbles in my chocolate?

Our chocolate goodies are all handmade, in a factory they are not.

Poured and decorated lovingly by hand, and not by a bot.

Adorning front and back, lumps and bumps you may see,

But we hope you find this unique look, adds to authenticity.