VIP Points Rewards Scheme

Turn your passion for giving and enjoying delicious chocolate treats into real rewards. Join our free loyalty rewards program today to begin earning and redeeming VIP points. 

customer chocolate loyalty rewards scheme VIP Points Customer Loyalty Reward Scheme

It's EASY - 


Sign up to our 'VIP Rewards Program' by clicking on the red and white 'Rewards' icon (displayed at the bottom right of your screen). Complete your details, verify your email address, and we'll give you a starting bonus of 100 points, simply to say 'Welcome'!


Be sure to 'Log In' whenever you shop with us, to earn 10 VIP Points for every £1 spent online at


Redeem your VIP Points as discounts off your next order of delicious chocolate gifts and treats online, or receive a scrumptious FREE gift!

300 VIP Points - £3.00 discount on order

400 VIP Points - FREE Slim Bar (choose from an assortment of milk, white and dark chocolate)

700 VIP Points - £7.00 discount on order

1000 VIP Points - £15.00 discount on order

To keep it nice and fresh, we'll also introduce seasonal items as FREE gifts at special times of the year e.g. Christmas Tree / Easter Egg Bars, and I'm sure our ever popular Hot Chocolate will make an appearance. So don't miss out, join our VIP Points Rewards Scheme today and watch this space!
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