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Making Chocolate Special Again

We are CLOSED from 19th May to 2nd June 2022.

Your custom is sincerely appreciated and any orders placed during this period will be processed as soon as we re-open. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

But in today's world where speed and convenience is everything, chocolate consumption has lost much of the enjoyment that appealed to each of our senses - the visual appreciation of beautiful packaging, the feel and anticipation of slow careful unwrapping, the delicate aroma of cocoa filling the air, and lastly the explosion of freshly made, silky chocolate on the tastebuds. 

And that's what we've tried to bring back in our chocolate goodies, by making items that are lovingly made, finished and packed by hand,  using only the finest quality cocoa products, natural plant and fruit oil flavour extracts so they taste as good as they look.