Mother Distracted Blog - Robins and Sons Product Review

June 22, 2017 0 Comments

Mother Distracted Blog - Robins and Sons Product Review


We recently teamed up with the lovely 'Mother Distracted' blogger Linda Hobbis to review a selection of our products. Recently voted as one of Vuelio's Top 10 Blogs, Mother Distracted is a great family lifestyle information source, hosting articles about beauty, recipes, self help and relationships, financial hints and tips, travel specials, competitions and of course, product reviews.
Linda kindly gave our products a great reception and wonderful write up, so we'd like to say thanks to Linda for such a great endorsement.
'Who doesn’t love chocolate?  I’ve written before about how this product of the cacao bean has held us all in thrall for centuries. But all chocolate is not the same....I prefer my chocolates to be a little more challenging, taste-wise and if they are beautifully packaged, so much the better.......
The ‘crackle’ adds a great texture and little bursts of flavour on your tongue. We loved the natural fruit flavours and pieces of fruit and meringue which give a depth of taste and make you want to linger over each chocolate.'

There's a range of gift ideas all beautifully packaged and just begging to be hidden from my husband who had to be forcibly restrained from munching his way through all the samples Andrea kindly sent..... a great gift for any chocoholic.

Find the full review here:
Mother Distracted - Robins and Sons Product Reviews