Corporate Partnerships - Bespoke Business Solutions

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Corporate Partnerships - Bespoke Business Solutions

Corporate / Business Gifting - Bespoke service

As a company wanting to thank loyal customers, or treat hardworking staff, having something just right that conveys the message they wish to send is paramount. Sometimes an 'off the shelf' gift doesn't quite cover what's needed, whether it's a size issue, visual appearance (colour co-ordination with company logo), or a specific budgetary requirement. And that's where we can help!

Corporate Case Study

We were recently contacted by Integral (formerly GDC Agency, London), to help with a client remit. A high end retailer wanted a chocolate accompaniment for a beautiful leather bound diary being sent out as a 'Thank You' gift at Christmas to existing and previous customers. However, there were a set of specific requirements - the item had to fit within a dedicated gift box with set dimensions, needed to tie in with an existing colour theme, had to be a certain weight and gift themed.

So after working closely with parties involved, we produced a bespoke Christmas Tree Bar - the Extra Chunky 'Sparkles' Christmas Tree. This thick slab of smooth Belgian milk chocolate is 1.5 times the weight of our usual Christmas Tree Bars, and to tie in with their existing colour scheme (and still give that bit of Christmas magic), we sourced some edible gold glitter crystals and gave them a generous sprinkling.

Trees were also packaged without front labelling or bows so they could fit inside a specially designed cardboard sleeve with a 'window' area in the shape of the company logo.

Effortlessly elegant, within budget and fast turnaround - we had a very tight delivery timescale (2-3 weeks), but fortunately were able to help.   

Luxury Chocolate Corporate and business gifts - bespoke service

If you or your company would like to have a chat about possible chocolate gifting options either for the upcoming festive period or occasions throughout the year, feel free to get in touch and we'll be happy to help.



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