Happy St David's Day - Funny Welsh Sayings, phrases and words!

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Happy St David's Day - Funny Welsh Sayings, phrases and words!

This may be a strange post to find on a website selling 'Deliciously Different' luxury Belgian chocolate, however not only are we chocolate makers, but Welsh and very proud of our heritage!

We Welsh are a very friendly and patriotic nation (especially when watching rugby), but in addition to those wonderful qualities, and our own language, we also have an array of sayings which although common place to us, would probably confuse almost every body else on the planet!! So in celebration of St David's Day, I've put together a selection of my favourites! 


It’s nobbling out - It’s really, really cold outside (rather apt at the moment as ‘Storm Emma’ is upon us)

I’ll be there now in a minute – I’ll be there soon, can’t tell you exactly how long I’ll be there, could be 5 minutes, could be an hour

Stop chopsing – stop being cheeky

That’s buzzing – that’s really horrible

I’m only saying – I don’t mean to cause offense I’m just sharing my opinion

I’m tamping – I am furious

Cheers Drive – Thank you for driving me to my destination (usually said to a taxi / coach driver)

Tidy – All good thanks

Never – an expression of disbelief in response to information

Heaving – Used to describe a crowded place e.g. the pub was heaving

Ych a fi – an expression of disgust

Hanging – used to describe feeling unwell / terrible (usually following a night of drinking alcohol)

There’s lovely – that’s nice

Not being funny – used before the expression of an opinion or observation (intended to reduce any potential offense that may be caused)

Half and half – used in a takeaway / restaurant setting, where the accompaniment to a meal is either chips or rice e.g. curry. Half and half is a request for a half size portion of each.

Dwt / Dwtty – meaning little / very small

Sorted – all done, completed.

Fair do’s – in all fairness, conveys a positive sentiment ‘fair do’s, he tried his best’

Cwtch – a cuddle

By there - refers to the location of something of someone

We answer a question before we ask it – e.g. You drive a red car, don’t you?

And a few extras, suggested by one of our Facebook followers Steve Homer:

Dew dew, never mind!  - a disapproving expression of surprise or bewilderment at a misfortunate situation, followed by an attempt to console or lift the mood.

'Wus' as in 'alright wus?' asking how someone is.

'Mun' a synonym for man - used alongside many expressions e.g. 'Flippin heck Mun',  'Hurry up Mun', 'No worries Mun' etc


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