Behind the Scenes - Ooops!

October 04, 2017 0 Comments

Behind the Scenes - Ooops!

Hi All

This wasn't actually a planned 'Robins and Sons' post (which will become apparent as you read on), but I wanted to explain why we're a little behind schedule releasing our Halloween range and a giving you a few previews of our new Xmas lines! Nevertheless, I guess this certainly qualifies as 'Behind the Scenes' 😀!

Two weeks ago I broke my wrist, 'How?' I hear you cry! Was I kayaking down a mountain river in outer Mongolia or jumping out of an aeroplane for a charity sky-diving event? Nope........I was ironing!! I simply turned, very slowly at that, to take the clothes off the ironing board and place them on a sideboard, and I fell over a box, landed on my wrist, and have been up to my elbow in plaster since 🙄.

There have been a couple of complications resulting in me being completely out of action for 1 week, plus it appears I inadvertently clench my 'bad' fist (and my teeth, ha 😆) when I concentrate, which badly aggravates the injury and causes pain, so working hours are limited. Being the primary chocolate maker and recipe creator, it's certainly been a challenge for the business, but I've got a fantastic assistant who's learning the ropes at breakneck speed, and doing a great job, so there's still plenty of freshly made Robins and Sons chocolate available.

However, it's my left side and I'm right handed and any discomfort and inconvenience is just temporary. At the end of the day it's just a broken wrist, which given time to heal will be fine - there are far worse things that happen to people around the world, every day, so I'm thankful..............and will be twice as thankful when this flipping thing which feels like a 'breeze-block' around my arm will be off, and I can scratch that itch 😆!!

Signing out for now.


Andrea xx