Our 'Dipped Oranges' get reviewed in 'The Big Apple'!

March 28, 2017 0 Comments

Our 'Dipped Oranges' get reviewed in 'The Big Apple'!

Peachy Deegan (Whom You Know) - Product Review

A good friend of mine would regularly recite quotes from her favourite films, and the words 'The Big Apple', and 'Dipped Oranges' remind me of one in particular - 'We have apple and orange, we all different, but in the end we all fruit' (My Big Fat Greek Wedding).

Sadly, her wonderful one-liners were wasted on me (as I usually didn't have a clue what they referred to :)), but this was one of her favourites and I'd never have thought I'd end up including it in a product review! She'll be so proud of me :)!

Having been previously impressed with our Hot Chocolate Gift Bags, we're glad to say that Peachy was also won over by our Dipped Oranges (already one of our bestsellers)! Check out her review below:

Peachy Deegan 'Whom You Know' - Product Review - Dipped Oranges

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