Food Stuff Finds - Product Review

February 23, 2018 0 Comments

Food Stuff Finds - Product Review


The 'Foodstuff Finds' blog specialises in ‘foodies, snackies, munchies', for those fascinated and obsessed with all things edible, new and different. From new items in supermarkets to intriguing items from import shops, we're thrilled that our 'Mint Chocolate Crackle' has joined this prestigious club!
Foodstuff Finds was set up in 2008 as an outlet for a group of people with an obsession for all things edible and new or different.

We at Foodstuff Finds are the kind of people who like to try all those great 'new' items you find in the supermarket, as well as interesting items from import shops, chocolates that are a bit different, and essentially anything we simply haven't tried before.  
Over 3500 items have been reviewed on this site so far, and with a new review added each day we continue to grow. Foodstuff Finds is your indispensable guide to foodstuff shopping!
'I have to say just how impressed I was with the packaging, it was beautifully presented in a box with ribbons. I took one of the pieces and gave it a try. The chocolate was a fabulous treat, the milk chocolate is very sumptuous and the white chocolate layering adds a lovely level of creaminess to the bar. The peppermint sweets do fuel a refreshing peppermint flavour which works perfectly with the base chocolate. They look pretty too nestled on the layers.
This would make a fab gift for any American over here missing home, or anyone who has a love of peppermint and chocolate. I for one think I may well be hooked.'
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Product Review - Mint Chocolate Crackle