Small Gifts & Treats

'Happy Birthday', 'Thank You, 'Thinking of You', 'Get Well Soon', Teacher Gifts or a little 'Self Care' package.

The vast majority of us are partial in some way to chocolate, whether it's grabbing a bite of something sweet to finish off a meal, or making a gift of it to someone to show your appreciation, celebrate an event with them, or simply let them know you care and are thinking about them. Better still, no trips to busy shops or supermarkets, simply order online, and get it delivered direct with the minimum of fuss.

Whether it's to send 'love and hugs' to those we're unable to visit or see, say 'Thank You' to neighbours, friends, healthcare professionals that have been there during hard times, school teachers that have helped your child learn and develop, or even Veterinary staff that have cared for your fur babies.

Choose from our exciting signature range of premium chocolate bars made with the finest couvertures from around the world, rich and decadent 70% and 80% dark chocolate, creamy white chocolate and smooth and silky milk chocolate. Choose from 9 exciting flavours, all handmade using sustainably grown cocoa.

Delivering exceptional taste and made in Britain from the finest chocolate. 

Send direct to the recipient with free gift card and message.