Easter Gifts

Easter Chocolate Eggs, Gifts and Present Ideas 

****Please note, due to reduced postal and courier services over the bank holiday weekend, any orders placed on/after WEDNESDAY 13th APRIL may NOT be received until after Easter.****

Eye catching and delicious, our ‘Deliciously Different’ milk, 70% and 80% dark, and white chocolate 'Letterbox' Easter Egg gift bars are sure to delight. Don't leave it to the Easter Bunny, enjoy or gift someone special with our fruity Lemon Crunch, Orange, Mint and 80% dark chocolate with edible gold. 

MINIMAL PACKAGING - Our Easter bars are minimally packed i.e. just a single plastic bag, as opposed to many 'High Street' Easter Eggs which contain plastic inserts, boxes and cardboard packaging, all of which needs to be disposed of afterward. Although these materials are recyclable, the carbon footprint arising from the collection / transport of bulky materials and emissions from recycling plants, means benefits aren't always clear cut, so in the meantime, we've tried to take the 'lesser of evils' approach and stick simply with LESS is MORE. 

LETTERBOX FRIENDLY EASTER EGG BARS - Our minimal packaging also has the added benefit of making our eggs slim enough to fit through the letter box, making them ideal 'no-contact' delivery (no missed deliveries or waiting in). *Only Easter Egg Bars sent as singles are letterbox friendly, if you have multiple eggs going to the same address and require all to be suitable for letterbox posting, please contact us and we'll be happy to help (additional charges may apply).

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