Luxury Hot Chocolate

Belgian Hot Chocolate Stirrers and Gift Sets

No powdery, granular substitutes for us, we insist upon the real thing - solid chunks of real Belgian chocolate!
Our high cocoa content Belgian white, milk and dark chocolate is the only thing that goes into our Hot chocolate stirrers, plus a sprinkling of fluffy pink and white marshmallows of course!
Choose from plain or flavoured individual Hot Chocolate Stirrers including a hint of mint, orange or coffee, or a selection of gift sets for individuals e.g. Hot Chocolate Gift Bag, or our gift sets which are ideal for 2 or more e.g Hot Chocolate Gift Box, Coffee & Hot Chocolate Gift Box.
As well as white and milk chocolate hot chocolate, we also have dark chocolate stirrers which are ideal not only for those who like a slightly less sweet drink, but also for vegans as they're dairy free and can be used with milk substitutes (e.g. oat, soya, rice milk) for an equally decadent warming drink.