Hot Chocolate Recipe Ideas

November 24, 2021 0 Comments

Hot Chocolate Recipe Ideas

Without doubt, the simplest way and easiest way to make delicious hot chocolate is with a Hot Chocolate Stirrer where the quantity of chocolate is exactly right for a single mug of hot chocolate i.e. just the right amount of chocolate when added to an average sized mug of milk to produce a really ‘chocolatey' taste.

As well as the added convenience of individual packaging making it simple to enjoy hot chocolate anytime, anywhere (just pack a flask or travel mug with hot milk), it also makes them the perfect size to experiment with new flavour combinations and ideas, one mug at a time!

In addition to plain Belgian Chocolate Stirrers we also have flavoured Hot Chocolate Stirrers – Orange, Mint and Coffee, but if you fancy trying something a little different or if you’re feeling a little more adventurous, read on for a few homemade recipe and topping ideas to really tickle those tastebuds.

Hot Chocolate Recipe Ideas


Add a pinch of dried ginger powder, or a few gratings of fresh ginger root for that sweet and gentle ginger tingle on the tongue.


A sprinkling of chilli powder to your mug of hot chocolate will certainly spice things up and little – the perfect balance of sweet and spicy

Baileys / Irish Cream Liqueur

Nice and simple, once your hot chocolate stirrer has melted into the mug of milk, add a splash (or 2) of your cream liqueur of choice.

White chocolate and cardamom 

This one takes a small amount of patience but is worth it – add a few cardamom pods to your warm/hot milk, cover it and leave for about 20 minutes. Remove the pods and any ‘matter’ from the milk, reheat and add your chocolate, stirring until dissolved. A delicate and fragrant option.


Toppings for your hot chocolate

If you’re partial to the classic light and snowy fresh cream topping, 100ml of whipped double cream per mug should suffice, but if you fancy a change from the usual marshmallows topping, try the following:

Dried Fruit 

For a cosy, winter’s eve feel why not add a few dried cranberries, raisins, orange pieces or even some chopped nuts for an added crunch. 

For a subtle fruity fragrance, grate the zest of oranges, lemons or limes on top of the whipped cream? Grate lemon over a white hot chocolate, orange over milk hot chocolate and zingy lime for dark hot chocolate 


Crumble biscuits, shortbread, or experiment with your favourite chocolate biscuit chopped into little bite size pieces and sprinkled on top.


In Mexico and France, pastries are often dunked in cups of hot chocolate, the doughnut or pastry dough soaks up the hot chocolate creating an extra flavour layer, so why not give it a try.


Crunchy, chewy and sweet, whatever honeycomb pieces you don’t manage to munch before the cream melts, will dissolve slowly into the liquid giving the hot chocolate a delicious toffee after taste.


A light dusting of cinnamon, clove, or nutmeg on your hot chocolate flavour will leave you feeling cosy, warm, and festive!