Creepy Coffin Cakes

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Creepy Coffin Cakes

These Skeleton Coffin Cakes are fun and easy to make, look great, and are of course delicious! Ideal as a teatime dessert, Halloween party food, spooky buffet addition, or 'trick' or treat offering.

To celebrate our new line of chocolate skull cake toppers, we've put together an 'ultra' easy, cheats cupcake recipe using a packet sponge mix, however if you prefer to make your sponge cakes from scratch, find a full recipe here.

Makes approx 8 coffin cakes


Sponge Packet Mix - preferably chocolate or any dark coloured sponge mix

Eggs - number required is dependant packet instructions

Milk / Oil - dependant on packet instructions

Black food colouring - optional

White icing gel or pen

Robins and Sons Chocolate Skull Cake Toppers


Mixing bowl

2 x Oblong baking tins (30cm x 18cm) TIP - we used deep oven trays, but any oblong shaped baking tin will do, just cut sponge into desired portion sizes. 

Wooden spoon for mixing

Greaseproof paper / parchment


Preheat oven to 1900C / 3750F


1. Make up the packet sponge according to the instructions and divide into 2 separate bowls and add black food colouring - optional. 

How to draw and easy simple skeleton step 1

2. Line the baking tray with greaseproof paper / parchment. This is important as it makes lifting the sponge out of the tin much easier and less prone to breaking.

Halloween Party Food Ideas - Skeleton Coffin Cakes Recipe 2

3. Pour in your batter and bake in the oven according to instructions. Leave to cool.

Halloween Party Food Ideas - Skeleton Coffin Cakes Recipe 3

4. Once cool, use a flat edged knife to loosen the sides of the sponge from the tin, and lift out using the parchment. Leave the sponge on the parchment, then proceed to cut into 4 equal portions lengthwise.

Halloween Party Food Ideas - Skeleton Coffin Cakes Recipe 4

5. Remove one sponge piece at a time to decorate, leaving the remainder of the sponge attached to the parchment.

How to draw an easy simple skeleton

Step 1 - Place the chocolate skull cake topper at the very top of the sponge piece

How to draw and easy simple skeleton step 1

Step 2 - Using the writing icing / gel pen, draw one vertical line from the base of the skull to a little less than the half way point of the sponge piece. Add 3 horizontal lines crossing the vertical line, decreasing in length as they move down the sponge, to represent the ribcage.

 How to draw and easy simple skeleton step 2 

Step 3 - Starting at each end of the top / longest horizontal line, draw 2 angled downward lines. These should end just below the bottom of the 'ribcage' and represent the arms. 

How to draw and easy simple skeleton step 3


Step 4 - At the bottom of the 'ribcage', draw a small oblong shape to represent the pelvis, then 2 further vertical lines from the pelvis to the bottom of the sponge to represent the legs, with a further 2 horizontal flicks at the bottom of the lines to represent the feet.

 How to draw and easy simple skeleton step 4


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